The redesigned cockpit of the freshened Porsche Cayenne melds design elements from some of the brand’s iconic nameplates.

Arriving in U.S. stores this summer, the midsized crossover debuts a driver-focused concept that groups key controls around the steering wheel.

Its new dashboard borrows elements from the electric Taycan fastback, including a free-standing, curved 12.6-inch digital instrument cluster and revamped center console.

A multifunction steering wheel, introduced in the latest-generation 911, puts driving mode controls and instrument cluster display settings within easy reach.

The Cayenne’s gear selector is moved to the right of the steering wheel, making space for a large air conditioning controller on the center console. The vertical air outlets ditch their traditional louvers.

An optional 10.9-inch passenger display that debuted in the Taycan is built into the Cayenne’s dash.

Passengers can use the touch screen to operate the navigation system or select media content. Screen-dimming technology prevents the driver from viewing the passenger screen.

The 2024 Cayenne sits atop the Porsche lineup and is the sports car brand’s second biggest seller in the U.S. Deliveries last year rose 23 percent to 21,194.

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