The Japanese car culture is one of the most diverse on the planet, counting pretty much everything, from the Bosozoku vehicles to European exotics and American muscle cars.

Most of them carry extensive upgrades, turning heads wherever they go – likde this Chrysler 300, which basically says ‘sayonara’ to the original, restrained design of the executive car.

With its 26-inch Forgiato rims shod with 275/25 tires filling the wheel arches, it looks ready to star in a rap video.

Finished in the same silver shade as the exterior of the car, the wheels are called OG 26 Fiore. The ’26’ is an obvious reference to their size, and ‘Fiore’ is Italian for flower and refers to the pattern.

Contributing to the updated stance of this Chrysler 300 is the Bentley-like grille. And finally, the owner seems to have chosen some underbody LEDs for his ride to complete the pimp-my-ride-look.

Still, as wacky as it may look on 26-inch wheels, it pales next to this Chevrolet Camaro and its 32-inch rims. Custom-made by the same company, they’re accompanied by lots of mechanical upgrades, which in the end ruined the ride, but that didn’t seem to be a problem for the owner, who continues to enjoy his tuned muscle car whenever he can.

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