Bugatti has a restoration program known as La Maison Pur Sang that the company runs out of its headquarters in Molsheim, France.

The program, whose French name roughly translates to “The Thoroughbred House,” has been running since 2020 and earlier this month the first customer examples of the Veyron to complete the program were presented.

Bugatti itself ran a Veyron Grand Sport prototype through the program in 2021, though for that car the program was strictly for restoration purposes. The two customer Veyrons that underwent the program also received a round of updates.

The cars, which belong to a single customer in Dubai, include early versions of the Veyron coupe and Veyron Grand Sport roadster. Over a nine-month process, both cars underwent a detailed check of all components and subsystems, in addition to receiving some aesthetic updates requested by the owner.

Bugatti Veyron that underwent La Maison Pur Sang restoration program

Bugatti Veyron that underwent La Maison Pur Sang restoration program

The coupe, which was delivered in 2005, making it one of the earliest Veyrons to be delivered to customer, was given a new two-tone finish for the exterior and new leather trim for the cabin. The roadster, which was delivered in 2009, had new colors added to the cabin.

According to Bugatti, the owner is now considering how to restore additional Veyrons in his collection.

“In my opinion, a Veyron demands to be kept in the best condition possible,” the owner said in a statement. “It’s the only way to pay homage to such a groundbreaking Bugatti masterpiece.”

Part of the La Maison Pur Sang program includes a certification process. To receive the certification, a car is stripped down and all parts identified and matched with internal documents to ensure only original parts have been used. Bugatti said around 10 customers have used the certification process for their own cars since it was launched.

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