Now, “sinister” changes for one of the brand’s biggest SUVs is under consideration, including exterior tweaks and other modifications to a Jeep Wagoneer or Grand Wagoneer, Dye said.

“We have maximized all of the things that Mopar has available for the after-sales part of the vehicle,” Dye said. “In addition to where Mopar doesn’t have parts, [we’re] finding the best available suppliers for the things that our customers want. It’s intended to keep the customer coming back to the dealership.”

Another customization project on tap involves a 2014 Ram 1500, Dye said. A customer brought in a photo of an early 1950s Chevrolet pickup with a flame design that he wants to base the exterior look on. He also wants a new leather interior to add life to the truck, which has around 80,000 miles on it.

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