Dimmitt picks up owners’ vehicles before track day. Once pre-track inspections are completed by the manufacturer, the vehicles are sent on their way to Sebring for the event.

“We’ll ride with the client to show them the lines on Sebring International to get maximum enjoyment out of the vehicle,” Dunton said. “We’re there to provide technical assistance during the day.”

The event results in increased customer loyalty, while the return rates for sales and service are “sky high” — which Dunton finds to be the largest benefit of track days. Clients typically return multiple times for repeat visits to the event and to the sales floor.

Track days are as much of a “lifestyle event” as they are a product event because Dimmitt is in a relationship business, Dunton said. Yearslong relationships are built with clients who participate and they get to enjoy their purchases in a way others might not.

But the event isn’t just enjoyable for those behind the wheel. Some participants bring guests along, who watch cars speeding around the track from the comfort of a luxury suite stocked with refreshments and manufacturer accessories.

“They bring families and they come up and they can watch,” Tracey Ringstaff, the events director, said. “It’s a neat experience to interact with everyone.”

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