The company also supports a $2.5 billion funding program to strategically deploy publicly accessible alternative fueling infrastructure such as EV chargers along designated highways, interstates and major roadways as well as in downtown areas and neighborhoods, particularly in underserved and disadvantaged communities.

The discretionary grant program was created by the infrastructure law and provides the multibillion-dollar funding over five years to eligible applicants including states, cities, local agencies and tribal groups.

The Biden administration opened applications for the program Tuesday with up to $700 million available in this first round of funding. The program is designed to fill in EV charging gaps and builds on an additional $5 billion provided to states over the next five years through the law’s National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Formula Program to achieve President Joe Biden’s vision of a cross-country road trip that is compatible with EVs.

“This grant program will play a very important role in helping to expand charging infrastructure access beyond just the highways, and that’s critical if we’re going to build a sustainable electric transportation ecosystem,” said Travis Allan, Flo’s chief legal and public affairs officer.

“We need to make sure that we’re meeting every community where they’re at and providing access in a way that is equitable, affordable and also reliable,” he added. “We think that this funding program is going to deliver on a lot of those items.”

EV chargers constructed with funds from both programs must adhere to minimum standards finalized by the Federal Highway Administration last month.

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