Wahl’s career included brand strategy, communications and marketing roles with automakers including Ford, Toyota, Mazda and Chrysler. She told Automotive News in 2020 that her first automotive assignment was with Ford Motor Co. in Brazil, following a six-month post with the company in Dearborn, Mich.

In 2020, she described an industry on the cusp of major change, saying: “We’re at a true point of renaissance about the possibilities and the transformation that’s about to happen. It’s one of the reasons that I was so interested in participating with General Motors and being on that team to contribute.”

“I think we’re better as a whole, as an industry about how we go after customers, how we’re using data, how we’re using technology, speaking from the marketing chair,” she added at the time.

“The change in how we do work, how people think about doing work, how we look at transformation to me has been the most compelling. And I also believe that this period with the COVID pandemic has really accelerated all of us to think completely differently about it.

Under Wahl’s leadership, GM and Netflix teamed up this year on a Super Bowl ad and campaign to feature more electric vehicles in the streaming service’s shows and films.

Lindsay VanHulle of Automotive News contributed to this report.

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