Reservations are split, with half in favor of the pickup and half wanting the SUV, Aldred said. But GMC expects the Hummer mix eventually to favor the SUV, possibly by 2026, as production availability increases.

“I think at that point, you probably are going to see a leaning toward the SUV, just because it’s got more of that broad appeal,” he said, noting its 9-inch-shorter wheelbase. “It does look more manageable. It is more manageable from a size point of view. I don’t think that anyone’s going to say small, but it’s definitely smaller.”

Rich Latek, marketing director for GMC, said the brand will continue to communicate through social media channels and email with reservation holders and hand raisers, while also holding regional events to allow reservation holders an opportunity to experience the Hummer in person. The next such event is in May in Miami, he said.

Getting vehicles on the road — and in showrooms — will continue to increase awareness, Latek said.

“Our dealers play a critical role,” he said. “They’re on the front lines for us.”

Dealer Tony Young, who sells GM brands in Owosso, Mich., said he is awaiting the first customer deliveries at his store about 90 miles northwest of Detroit. He said getting Hummers on the road is the best thing that can happen from a marketing perspective.

“We’ve seen commercials for too long,” Young said. “You want to, at some point, have it come to life. And so the more you can see around, the more you see drive by … the better it is for everybody. That’s why we just can’t wait to get some in driveways.”

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