Chuck Thelen, vice president of North American operations for Gotion, said he “cannot confirm at this time” the new details.

The company shared its revised plans with township officials last week, Chapman said. The entire project, expanded and all, would be in Green Township, as it is currently mocked up. The new buildings would house additional manufacturing processes that the company is looking to bring on site.

Chapman said he welcomed the development, adding that he believes the project is “significantly closer” to being a done deal.

“Two hundred to three hundred jobs in this community is something we set off fireworks for,” he said. “If they want to bring more jobs and economic development to my community, come on down.”

Gotion still has not made any final commitment to the project, which Thelen previously said is contingent on a number of approvals at the state and local levels, as well as the signing off on $715 million in state incentives.

The project originally straddled two townships in Mecosta County, but after Big Rapids Township board members voiced concerns over its ties to China and impact on the water table and environment, the company turned its focus solely onto Green Township.

Michigan Democrats moving to repeal the “right-to-work” law is also a concern for the company, according to Chapman, who said he heard the concern raised Friday during a Mecosta County economic development group meeting.

The plant, which would be the company’s first in the U.S., would make anode and cathode materials for EV batteries. Most of the product from the factory would be supplied to make Gotion battery packs, according to the company. It has not disclosed its automotive customers.

Thelen said last week that the company has a backup plan should the project in Big Rapids fall through.

“We wish to start quickly. It’s all dependent on the state and local governments,” he said. “But we do not have a final obligation from either side yet.”

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