As part of the engine’s design, Lamborghini rotated it 180 degrees compared with the Aventador.

A new eight-speed double-clutch gearbox is positioned transversally behind the mid-rear longitudinally mounted engine. It will equip all future Lamborghini sport cars.

Lamborghini has sold only two other V-12 cars with a transverse rear gearbox. One was the Miura, which was launched in 1966 and also had a mid-rear transverse engine layout. The other was the Essenza SCV12, a track-focused hypercar.

The Revuelto has a dry weight of 3,906 pounds, 490 pounds more than the Aventador Ultimae. Carbon fiber has been widely used to keep its weight low despite the addition of the high-voltage battery.

Weight distribution of the Revuelto is 44 percent at the front and 56 percent at the rear.

Its design was inspired by aerospace elements, with sculpted surfaces encompassed by two lines that start from the front and embrace the cabin and engine, tapering down to the hexagonal-shaped exhausts. “We gave adrenaline a shape” said the brand’s design chief, Mitja Borkert

The exterior design reflects styling cues from past Lamborghinis, including the 1971 Countach prototype vertically opening scissor doors, the Diablo’s floating blade on the rear fender and the Murcielago’s the muscular inclined front.

The Revuelto’s Y-shaped lights at the front and rear set a design cue that is also followed by interior features such as the center console and the top of the dashboard.

Infotainment includes a 12.3-inch digital cockpit plus a 9.1-inch display on the passenger-side.

Four rotors on the driving wheel spokes are used for selecting both the driving modes and the car’s lifting system and rear wing tilt.

Lamborghini will launch its first full-electric car in 2028, with a second one following in 2029. One of them will be an entirely new model, while the other will be the successor of the Urus.

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