Lamborghini is lifting the wraps on some powertrain specs for its first plug-in hybrid supercar, set to be unveiled this month in Europe.

The as-yet-unnamed sports car will rely on a newly engineered, midmounted, naturally aspirated 6.5-liter V-12 engine coupled with three electric motors, Lamborghini says. One will be mounted transversely and integrated into the car’s eight-speed gearbox, while the other two each will power a front wheel. Together, the engine and the motors can produce more than 986 hp, the company says.

The all-wheel-drive supercar, code-named LB744, is being developed in part to mark Lamborghini’s 60th anniversary. While the brand has previously produced hybridized vehicles, the LB744 will be its first plug-in hybrid and capable of operating at times on electric power only, improving its emissions profile.

Lamborghini says the engine weighs just over 480 pounds, about 37 pounds less than the V-12 that powered the Aventador. As part of the engine’s design, Lamborghini rotated it 180 degrees compared with the Aventador, reengineered the air intake ducts to guarantee optimal airflow into the combustion chamber, and optimized the chamber itself. The result is a power level of 126 hp per liter, the brand says.

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