Mahindra also showcased the XUV.e9 and BE.05 concepts for the first time in India.

Mahindra has taken the wraps off its new concept EV SUV, the Rall-E at the Mahindra EV Fashion festival in Hyderabad. The rugged looking Rall-E is essentially an off road-focused iteration of the BE.05 concept, which made its India debut alongside the Rall-E. Additionally, Mahindra also showed its XUV.e9 concept for the first time in India.

  1. Mahindra BE Rall-E is the rugged iteration of the BE.05
  2. BE and XUV.e are new sub-brands for upcoming Mahindra EVs
  3. Production-spec models will be based on new INGLO platform

The BE.05 and XUV.e9 were first shown back in August 2022 at an event in London, and are a part of Mahindra’s five new concepts that are set to go into production from December 2024 onwards. 

Mahindra BE Rall E: what’s new? 

The Rall-E is based on the BE.05 coupe-style SUV concept, but with major design updates to suit its image as an off-road-ready alternative. The BE.05’s C-shaped Daytime Running Lamps make way for just one sleek strip, and the headlights are round and prominently nestled in the heavily-cladded front bumper. The cladding carries over to the profile, with Mahindra giving it more rugged tyres. At the rear, the BE.05’s C-shaped tail-lights make way for a single strip and it gets a more aggressive looking rear bumper.

What completes its off-road look are a bunch of accessories like the roof-mounted carrier, a spare wheel on top of it and a couple of jerry cans. There are no interior shots of the Rall-E, but it is likely to be similar to the BE.05 with more hardwearing materials keeping with its outdoorsy character. 

Mahindra BE.05 and XUV.e9 in India 

The concept on which the Rall-E is based – the BE.05 – made its India debut along with the XUV.e9. As mentioned before, these concepts have been shown previously, and they represent two distinct new sub-brands for upcoming Mahindra EVs – BE and XUV.e. The former is a newly constituted electric-only sub-brand, and has three SUVs in it, while the XUV.e series has two.

The BE range starts with the BE.05 coupe-SUV, which Mahindra likes to call the Sport Electric Vehicle or SEV. It features an aggressive front end with angular C-shaped headlights and large air dams. The rest of the design features sharp lines and creases, and the SUV sits on large wheels, giving it a serious presence. Other design features worth highlighting include C-shaped tail-lights, flush door handles and heavily styled bumpers.

The XUV.e9, too, is a coupe-SUV, and it draws its design inspiration from the XUV Aero concept. Certain elements look similar to the other XUV.e model – the XUV.e8 – like the LED lighting elements, bumper-mounted headlamp units and a closed-off grille. Unique to the XUV.e9, however, is the gloss black cladding all around.

Other BE and XUV.e models 

The other models in the BE range include the BE.07, which carries a more traditional SUV look and measures around 4.6 metres in length. The last model with the BE range is the BE.09, another coupe SUV, which Mahindra says will be a four-seater. In the XUV.e range, the XUV.e8 sits below the XUV.e9 coupe SUV and is, conceptually, an EV counterpart to the XUV700.

Both model lines will be underpinned by the same born-electric INGLO platform. The XUV.e range will be the first to enter production from December 2024 onwards, followed by the BE models from October 2025. The XUV.e9 and BE.05 will go into production in April 2025 and October 2025, respectively, and Mahindra says the Rall-E will also eventually go into production.

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