The law in question is the Inflation Reduction Act, or IRA, passed last year with support from Manchin after he, Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer and Biden hammered out a deal behind closed doors that circumvented the usual legislative process.

The law makes billions of dollar available — through subsidies and tax credits — to promote the production and purchase of electric vehicles.Manchin says the administration is veering from lawmakers’ intent by not putting enough into domestic production of fossil fuels. It also, he says, has been too permissive in allowing foreign automakers to access some vehicle credits.

Other lawmakers, including Democratic Senator Ron Wyden of Washington, have voiced concern over how the Treasury is deciding which countries can supply battery materials for cars eligible for credits.

“I’m going to fight and fight back hard,” Manchin said on Fox. “And I would hope that my Democrat and Republican friends in the legislature will feel the same way and will work with us to hold the administration’s feet to the fire.”

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