The North American results produced UAW-leading profit-sharing payouts. Stellantis will distribute an average of $14,760 to eligible UAW-represented workers as part of a contractually negotiated plan. About 40,500 workers are eligible for the bonus. The pay out is up slightly from 2021, when workers received $14,670 each.

General Motors‘ unionized workers will receive a profit-sharing bonus of up to $12,750 based on the company’s North American performance last year, while UAW members at Ford Motor Co. are getting an average of $9,176.

“The financial strength of Stellantis primarily relies on the company’s UAW workforce as evidenced by its financial report,” UAW Vice President Rich Boyer, head of the union’s Stellantis department, said in a statement. “Our members are the backbone of this company. We will continue to call on Stellantis to show our members the respect that is due to them by demanding that they provide a safe working environment to all employees and job security by investing in America.

“While we recognize that this profit sharing amount is rightly deserved, we also know that there is much work to be done.”

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