Hot Wheels is getting its own television show, toymaker Mattel announced last week.

The show is titled “Hot Wheels: Ultimate Challenge,” and the first episode will air later this year on NBC during the primetime slot.

Rutledge Wood, of “Top Gear America” fame, has been picked for hosting duties, alongside Hoonigan’s Hert Eugene Jr. and Dalal Elsheikh, a Ford designer and Hot Wheels brand ambassador.

The official description makes the show sound like a version of MTV’s “Pimp Ry Ride” aimed at kids. Each episode will see two Hot Wheels fans bring their dream designs to life using real vehicles.

The modification work will be handled in a garage called the Chrome Zone. Here, contestants together with a team of experts will have a number of tools to help them create wild creations. There will also be something called the Inspirationator 5000, which sounds like it will be a computer of some sort that spits out ideas that need to be integrated in the build.

The competing designs will then be judged by a panel that will include celebrities, and the winner will take home a $25,000 cash prize and the chance to enter a final round where contestants will compete for $50,000 and the honor of having their design turned into an official Hot Wheels toy car.

Mattel in recent years has been expanding Hot Wheels to move it beyond a line of toy cars. A video game was launched in 2021 and there’s currently a movie in the works.

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