The Volkswagen Group is preparing a family of subcompact electric vehicles that will include a member for the Volkswagen brand.

VW previewed a potential design for its EV in 2021 with the ID.Life concept, though the automaker abandoned the boxy crossover design of that earlier concept in favor of a more traditional hatchback shape which has been previewed on the new ID.2all concept.

Unveiled on Wednesday, the ID.2all is set to debut in production guise in 2025 and is one of 10 new or updated EVs to be launched by VW by the end of 2026. Given its diminutive size, the production ID.2all may not reach the U.S.

The ID.2all is approximately 159.5 inches long, which makes it a couple of inches longer than VW’s subcompact Polo hatchback sold overseas. However, VW said packaging advantages of the electric platform mean the vehicle is as spacious as the compact Golf hatch, which measures approximately 168.8 inches long. The ID.2all’s maximum storage space is 47 cubic feet, which comes close to matching the Golf’s 52.7 cubic feet.

Volkswagen ID.2all concept

Volkswagen ID.2all concept

There are rumors VW may use the Golf name for the production version, possibly in combination with the ID designation, which could result in ID.Golf as the name. Another hint at the Golf connection is the ID.2all’s C-pillar design which VW said was inspired by the original Golf’s design. VW also said the ID.2all introduces the latest evolution of its brand-wide design language.

Also new in the ID.2all is a new version of VW Group’s MEB platform for mainstraim EVs, which is currently in the early stages of real-world testing. The new version, dubbed MEB Entry, is shorter than the regular MEB platform and features a single motor at the front. In the ID.2all, the motor is rated at 222 hp, and the concept’s battery is claimed by VW to deliver 280 miles on the WLTP test cycle used overseas. A lower figure would result if using the stricter EPA cycle.

Volkswagen ID.2all concept

Volkswagen ID.2all concept

Production will be handled at a plant in Spain. VW Group also plans to build related models from its SEAT and Skoda brands at plants in Spain, and possibly one from the Cupra performance brand.

VW at the ID.2all’s reveal said it is targeting a starting price below 25,000 euros (approximately $26,550), even while offering technologies from top-shelf models.

Volkswagen ID.2all concept

Volkswagen ID.2all concept

“We want to be close to the customer and offer top technology in combination with fantastic design,” Thomas Schäfer, VW’s CEO, said in a statement. “We are implementing the transformation at pace to bring electric mobility to the masses.”

The production ID.2all won’t be the most affordable EV in VW’s lineup, though. The automaker on Wednesday also announced it is working on an EV that will be priced below 20,000 euros (approximately $21,250), the oft-rumored ID.1. This model will likely be a minicar to replace VW’s e-Up! hatch.

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