For left-hand drive markets, a 12-inch touchscreen is now standard in the center of the dashboard in place of a 10-inch display. The 10-inch screen continues in the right-hand-drive market of the UK.

The software has been updated to the latest version of the ID. 3.0, allowing more over-the-air upgrades. However, the car has not been given the new ID 4.0 software due to be rolled out across new ID models later this year.

The software includes a redesign of the screen to give a clearer menu, with the charging menu now located on the first level of the touch display in response to customer feedback.

‘Swarm’ data access

The upgrade also includes more subscription options to purchase from the car’s online shop, including adaptive cruise control, which in some markets and model specifications can only be activated once purchased from the shop.

With optional Travel Assist, the car can now access swarm data via the cloud if there is an Internet connection, which feeds information to driver assistance systems to help them make better decisions.

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