The ID7’s “smart glass” roof can transform electronically from clear to opaque, helping to keep interior temperatures comfortable while providing panoramic views.

The ID7’s air vents are also digitally controlled and automated as part of what the brand calls an intelligent HVAC system, which can detect an approaching driver with their key and begin to precool or preheat the cabin. The vents adjust to heat and cool the cabin optimally as directed, aiming air straight at passengers or elsewhere, and respond to voice commands. VW explained earlier that, if a driver says their hands are cold, the vehicle would not only heat the steering wheel, but also direct heated air at the driver’s hands.

The ID7 will have some upgraded driver assistance features when it launches in the U.S. next year, but those are expected to initially lag what the brand will offer on the vehicle in Europe and China, where regulations are different. It will have parking assistance standard, as well as other technologies like adaptive cruise control, lane keeping and collision avoidance technology standard at launch, a U.S. spokesman confirmed.

Pricing, including that in the U.S., was not announced.

Pable Di Si, president of Volkswagen Group of America, predicted that when the ID7 arrives in 2024, it “will get decent volumes,” though he declined to provide internal projections.

“Next year, I think interest rates will start coming down,” opening up leasing opportunities for the sedan, Di Si said.



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