Well-established luxury auto manufacturers seem to be annoying consumers with too much technology penetration in their vehicles. A study conducted by J.D. Power claimed that the advanced driving assistance technology and complex infotainment systems are vexing consumers rather than making their overall experience better. The study also claimed that the gap in reliability scores between luxury car brands and mass-market brands became the widest in 34 years.

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12 Feb 2023, 16:28 PM

Tesla cars come with a high level of digital technology penetration. (AP)
Tesla cars come with a high level of digital technology penetration. (AP)

The study claims that Tesla ranked fifth from the bottom among 32 automobile brands. The owners of Tesla electric cars complained about the famous Autopilot driver assistance system and the forward collision warning systems, as well as wind noise, reports Reuters. It also claimed that other luxury car manufacturing brands like Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Audi and Acura performed poorly. These automobile brands were among those that scored below average for all brands. Toyota Motor Corp.s’ luxury car brand Lexus was rated as the most dependable brand in the study. Hyundai’s Genesis and Kia brands finished second and third, respectively.

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The report claims that infotainment system-related complaints, such as problems with wireless Bluetooth phone connections, dragged down scores from vehicle owners of several luxury brands. The study states that even as luxury car brands offer more advanced digital content and dashboard features than mass-market automobile brands, luxury vehicle owners are finding fault with the respective vehicles’ touchscreen infotainment systems at about double the rate as owners of mass-market brands.

In modern cars, technology penetration is increasing at a fast rate. Automakers are increasingly introducing new and advanced technology that is digitized. Infotainment systems and instrument clusters are among several components that have been largely digitized. While these certainly ramp up the premium quotient and offer sleek style, they also come with their share of cons.

First Published Date: 12 Feb 2023, 16:28 PM IST

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