Ram, GMC, Ford, Tesla and Dodge have the lowest female buyer representation of top brands in the U.S., new data from S&P Global Mobility shows.

An analysis of 2022 data by the market research firm found that only 17 percent of Ram‘s new personal vehicle registrations listed female owners. The four other bottom brands all had representation under 35 percent.

In contrast was Buick with the highest female buyer representation of 55 percent. Mitsubishi, Mini, Lexus, Infiniti, Mazda and Kia were also near the top with women listed in roughly half of their registrations — all above the industry average of 41 percent.

Toyota also had standout popularity among women. The brand’s female buyer representation stood at 43 percent, but its volume of registrations among women surpassed all others at 606,985 personal registrations. The second-highest in volume was Honda at 363,799.

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